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The best French golfers of all time have made significant contributions to the sport and left their indelible mark on thehistory of golf. From pioneers such as Arnaud Massy and Jean Garaïalde to contemporary figures like Grégory Havret, these players have inspired future generations and made French golf shine on an international scale. In this sport for the cultured and usually associated with high society, French golf has experienced remarkable progress in recent years, with the emergence of a new generation of talented golfers.

In 2023, France shines on the international professional courses thanks to its world-class players.


The benefits of Golf told by our coach:


          “Golf is a very complete sport that works many muscle groups. In addition, it stimulates the body's dynamism and breathing management. It is therefore a perfect discipline for developing coordination, body position and balance. Playing golf also requires a great mental and logical exercise which will be useful in everyday life. A good golfer must know how to keep calm and stay focused! Children will learn to manage their emotions and relax without even realizing it.”


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