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Fencing has a long history in France!


As the biggest provider of Olympic medals for France, fencing is one of the rare sports for which French is the official language. Each country uses its language for national competitions, but French is compulsory for refereeing in international competitions with the famous « En garde ! Êtes-vous prêts ? Allez ! Halte ! ».119 medals at the Olympic Games: 42 in gold, 41 in silver and 36 in bronze793 fencing clubs in FranceGreat champions: Lucien Gaudin, Christian d'Oriola, Georges de la Falaise, Jean-François Lamour, Eric Srecki, Laura Flessel and Brice Guyart

The benefits of Fencing told by our coach:


           “Throughout fencing training, your child will develop his analytical mind and his concentration, while learning to channel his energy and adopt reflexes.Fencing is a multifaceted discipline, which requires for the child to evolve mentally and physically. During bouts, they will learn to respect the opponent and the rules.”


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